About Us

Magnesium137 humble began in a small town in Blitar – Lodoyo studio house with capital six hundred thousand rupiah.

Through unique products, we wanted to show our anti-authority sentiment and punk DIY attitude. Magnesium137 still represents a growing group of like-minded individuals from around the world. Magnesium137 is a gripping and unconventional clothing brand based in Blitar since 2013. Represents not only a more refined and forward-thinking brand, we reflect our each issues like a musical albums and every articles is like a song we has been writen.

Driven by the dream. Our first love has always been and will always be music. We try to give back to our roots through the products and opportunities we provide through the company. We remain extremely involved in the production and direction of Magnesium137. Maintaining the respect over communities we continue to support our friends, which helps us fuel and inspire our original vision.

Our goal for Magnesium137 is to evoke emotions then create topics of discussion through our design and boldly stated our idea at the hand of youth culture.